A social recipe app designed to make party planning and cooking easier for party host.

What is Hearth?

Hearth is a mobile application that makes party planning and meal cooking easy for party host. By using Hearth and its unique features, hosts can plan and cook for their party based on a number of attending guests and diet preferences including food allergies-Hearth doesn't want people to get sick during the middle of the party. In addition, Hearth allows guests to preview which meal will be served at the party and vote on their favorites. With Hearth, party hosts can safely, efficiently and easily throw their party and keep everyone's belly full and happy.

**NOTE** This is my personal project.


Name Hearth
Platform Mobile Application
Designer Diana Wi (me)
Role Product Designer
Software / Tools Adobe Illustrator, XD, After Effects, Paper Prototyping
Year 2018
Duration 4 weeks

Have you met Nancy?

Nancy (26) is a sales manager at a local financial technology startup in San Francisco. Outside of work, she loves to cook new recipe and host dinner parties to show off her cooking to her friends. However, her latest party was a disaster. Nancy didn't know that one of her friend was severly allergic to nuts and during middle of the party, her friend was sent to the hospital for allergy treatment. Nancy was really stressed out and the party ended fairly early that day. This became a problem for Nancy and wishing it won't happen again.

"I didn't know she was allergic to nuts. Why didn't I check with everyone? There are too many things to manage for the party that I forgot to ask. I wish there was a better way." - Nancy K.


Like Nancy, party hosts have a hard time planning and managing a successful party and sometimes miss the critical details such as the food allergies which was one of the big problems. From scheduling the date of the party to cooking good and safe food for everyone requires a lot of work from the party hosts. They want an app that will make their party planning easy and address these problems below.

  • Not easy to calculate total servings for all attending guests.
  • Hard to remember people's food preferences/allergies.
  • Do not know what to cook that everyone will like to eat.


I wanted party hosts like Nancy to host a successful party. My solution to address the problems is creating a social recipe platform that provides a party planning tool and set-meal-course tool. Some of the benefits are:

  • List of all ingredients from selected recipes calculated by the serving size for attending guests.
  • Check food allergies and prevent food-related accidents.
  • Know what everyone will like and don't like to eat before committing to cook.



As a product designer, it was very important to do my best to not make assumptions. Therefore, I conducted interviews with 5 people in their 20s to understand their psychographics, their lifestyle, taste, likes and dislikes.

Competitive Analysis

In order to design a product that stands out from other popular products, so I looked into competitors to see what is working and not working for them, and checked their user experience. In addition, I mined the competitor's message board from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store which helped me understand the market's need and want.

Research Insights

Based on my research data, I gained a better insights into the market and found key factors that will help me design a successful product.

  • Easily plan a party and manage guestlist.
  • Calculate service size based on the guestlist.
  • Adjust serving size for a big party.
  • Shareable Grocery shopping list.
  • Good organization of recipes new, saved and used.

Mind Mapping

I created a mind mapping to show how my users will use the product, and understand their thought process.

MVP Key Features

Using the mind mapping, I created the MVP key features to ensure that I am designing the product based on users needs.

Social Connection Find out what your friends are cooking or even the things they like, don’t like or can’t eat.
Party Planner Hosting a party and feeding your friends shouldn’t be so difficult. Use Hearth’s Party Planner to create your party and select meals based on your invited friends.
Recipe Organizer Help users to mark their recipes if it will be saved or has been used to keep their recipe library organized.
Adjustable Serving Size Whether it is for yourself or multiple people (6?!), manage the ingredients quantity so you don’t end up with leftovers.
Notification Stay notified when friends are attending the party or providing food suggestions.

Information Architecture

Using the mind mapping and MVP key features, I created the information architecture that will act as a design blueprint.