A budgeting app designed to help people to save money.

  • Note - This is a group project under the guidance of our professor Claudia.

  • Team
    Diana Wi (me), Jay Lee, Weiqi Lyu, Siyu Lu
  • Software/Tools
    Adobe XD, Illustrator, After Effects, Google Hangout
  • Year
  • Duration
    4 weeks

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort."

It's true! Just like how Robert is also seeking his joy of achievement. He is planning to propose to his girlfriend, Jenny, at the upcoming Jason Mraz Concert. He hopes she will say yes. *feeling the nervousness and excitement simultaneously.*

Robert and Jenny has been dating each other for 3 years and he thought it was about time he takes the relationship to the next level. He is now ready to commit to Jenny and to start a family together.

Robert wants to start saving his money toward an engagment ring. Also, he thought it would be great for him and Jenny to pull money together to buy their Mraz concert tickets. *Teamwork!* However, there was no service or tool that would allowed him to easily share an account with his girlfriend.

"I need to make sure I reach my personal goal as well as our shared goal on time. Is there any service out there that will help me with this?" - Robert M.

To help Robert completes his goals and propose to his girlfriend, we designed a mobile app called Lettuce.

Now with Lettuce, Robert can...

Invite Jenny to join his shared goal.

Jenny will now be able to join him.

They can save money toward their Mraz Concert. Together.

We hope that anyone can achieve financial success with Lettuce.

Are you feeling the itch to save money for your future? Lettuce can help you with that. But for now, watch how it works in the video below.

Wondering how we came up with Lettuce?

My Role and Team Role

To kick-off our project, I took the opportunity to acted as a project manager to oversee the project development, and assign work between the team to make sure our project meets the deadline. I split the group to two 2-people team: UX team (Diana and Siyu) and UI team (Jay and Weiqi). In addition, I helped the UI team develope the product branding from product name to visual identity. We collaborated and used our design knowledge and skills to help each other to complete the project.


We conducted interviews with 20 people (ranging from early 20s to 30s) to understand their spending habits to find ways we can fit in and improve their life.

Example Questions
  • Do people check their spending?
  • How do people track and manage their money?
  • What frustrates them about managing their money?
  • Which features are desirable in a product?


With the understanding and empathizing of our audience, we formulated our 2 key personas to help us design the product.

Rober Meyer
Jenny Peterson


We created the storyboarding to illustrate our key personas story and how they will interact with our product.

Our Mission

We want people to be smarter with their money and to ensure we deliver our promise, we followed 3 key words in our product design.

Key Words

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

To help our personas to achieve their goals, we listed key features to help us design our MVP.

Key Features
  • Sync, track and view all of bank accounts and credit cards.
  • Transfer tool to allow people to easily send and request money between their friends and family.
  • Popular Goal Trend to spark motivations.
  • Budgeting tool to set a goal and save money for future.
  • Notification alert to serve as a motivational reminder and status updates.


Before I went into the high-fidelity wireframes, it was important that I draw some sketches of mobile app screens to let my ideas out and determine what will work the best.


After the sketches, I moved forwad with creating high-fidelity wireframes to lay the foundation of our product design.

User Flows

Based on the MVP features and storyboaring, we created the user flows for our personas and then designed the rest of the screens.

User Testing & Design Iterations

Using the user flows, we conducted user testing with our potential users to validate product usability using paper prototyping and Adobe XD. After the testing, we received many feedback which we used to iterate our design for the next updated design.

Paper Prototyping

Visual Identity

While we were finishing up our final round of design iteration, we worked on establishing the visual identity for our brand. Choosing the right color and font was crucial for our product. We explored mutiple stylescapes and selected our final direction.

Our product's goal is to maintain and push our users' motivation forward. To reflect the product goal and the research data, we selected a refreshing energizing orange as our primary color and a friendly urban influenced Montserrat as our primary font.


Final Design

After iterating our design based on the user testing feedback, we applied visual identity to produce a final design.