Raise Your Impact - Designing a New Brand Identity

  • My Role: Branding, Logo, First-designer
  • Tool used: Illustrator, InDesign, Pencil, Paper
  • Duration: 4 weeks, May-June 2020


During summer of 2020, Raise Your Impact, an early-stage startup based in Boston, Massachusetts, was working on a bold plan to launch a B2B SaaS-based platform by April 2021. One of their to-do items was brand identity. Establishing brand identity is a must-have for every starting business and Raise Your Impact was one of them. In May 2020, I joined the team to lead the brand identity design project. For 4 weeks, I worked directly with the startup founders during each phases from ideation to the delivery of brand identity.

Project Goals

Create a unique, simple, responsive logo that told a strong story about the startup business.

Selecting a color and font that best complimented the logo based on Raise values and messaging.

Design Process

First, gathering key words and messages after learning about the business, values and messaging

Humanizing outside of work, inclusivity, friendly, fulfilled with what you do and with people you work with, insightful and informative, contribution to greater good, and taking the world to the next level.

Seeking out inspiratioin from competitors and other successful brands

Benevity was one of the major competitors of Raise Your Impact, so it was important to be aware of their presence in the market. To add to the design inspiration, I sought out leading brands like Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Understanding the meaning of the word "raise"

Raise - v. lift or move to higher position or level; cause to rise or form; bring to the surface (that has sunk).

Part 1 - Creating the Logo

Brainstorming and sketching out the logo concepts on paper and constantly evaluating them.
Narrowing down the options - from 6 logo down to 2 logo.

I presented 6 logos and explained each logo and its representation to the founders. After some discussions, we narrowed down the options to 2 logos.

Part 2 - Selecting the color and font

Portraying trust, friendliness and accessibility visually

Again, similar to the logo presentation, I presentated various options to the founders. Trust was an important aspect of Raise brand which simplified our decision.

For the font, I pitched the Artegra Sans because the font was not only modern, but it had a playful, humanistic qualities that represented both friendliness and accessibility.

Part 3 - Delivering the final logo

Convincing the founders on the final logo with storytelling

Sometimes, making a decision between two options is even harder because people like both options equally to not make a decision. I overcame this issue using storytelling to vouch for the logo that became the face of the brand.

I listed out the characteristics of the logo along with a defining quote that set itself apart from the other logo. For the final push to win over founders' decision, I showed an example mockup of the logo surrounded by well-known brands to show a clear distinction and uniqueness against them.

Post-design update

Refreshed the colors of the logo to appear bright and youthful

After observing the logo in a presentation, I realized that the logo felt too corporate-like and restricting. Therefore, I updated the brand colors to feel brighter and youthful. Everyone in the team was excited about the updated logo and preferred it - it was energetic and uplifting.