My Role Information Architect, UI Designer, UX Designer
Software/Tools Figma, Google Suite, Confluence, Maze
Project duration 2.5 months

In the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to collaborate with founders, product managers, UX researchers, and designers on ideating, designing, and testing the product concept and features. I adopted agile methodologies into the design workflow to rapidly prototype and iterate the design backed by research findings.

Illustration created by Diana


First, kickoff meeting with the team

I met the product team remotely to discuss business goals, strategy, and product roadmap. For an early-stage startup, offering a product that the market will adopt was critical. Therefore, we measured against a 90% approval rate as our success metric.

Defining Ideal Target Customers

Small/medium-sized businesses (SMBs) looking for cost-efficient, employee engagement solution, specifically in HR department. The roles include HR Benefits Manager, Head of HR, VP of Human Resources, Director HR, Engagement & Culture, Chief Culture Officer.


Building Information Artchitecture (IA) for HR and Employee Experience

I led the creation and management of IA for HR and employee experience. Not only it helped us design the product and product features, but the IA was also used as a reference point during meetings to maintain team alignment.

Prototyping Rapidly

Due to time constraint and size of projects, I fast-forwarded to high-fidelity prototyping. The project was time-sensitive and I had to meet the project deadline to stay on schedule.

HR Experience

Illustration created by Diana

Employee Experience

Post Design

We learned that the product would offer little value to customers, so the project came to an end, and the startup pivoted.

Achieving the highest success

I prevented the startup from failing. Although my design never saw its light of day, I received positive feedback from users. They complimented on how it was so easy to use and didn't need any training guide. I may not have the quantifiable data to support my success, but I was happy knowing that I was heading in the right direction in designing a good user experience.