About me 😳🙈😍

Hi! I'm Diana Wi, a UX/UI designer located in San Francisco Bay Area. I am a creative problem-solver with a passion to improve human-computer interaction with simple and meaningful design solutions that get things done. Also, I possess the ability to use storytelling to create a compelling and fun user experience.

Expertise in UX design, UI design, mobile app and mobile-friendly web app design, information architecture, rapid-prototyping for desktop and mobile, front-end development for responsive website, and motion graphics for product interaction.

My approach to design

I solve problems like how I solve a 1,000-piece puzzle by breaking down complex problems into small parts and framing simple design solutions around a big-picture idea. During this process, I focus on refining every subtle details of my work to perfection.

Hobbies and interests
🤣 Puns / Dad Jokes
🎮 Video Games
🎹 Piano
🍝 Eat Pasta
🏀 Basketball

Also, I like to stack rocks on top of another.

🤩 Energetic
😭 Compassionate
😏 Playful
🤓 Dedicated
Diana Wi

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